Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baking and Bath

We went to Michaels today to get stuff to make cake pops and got so excited they had so much cute stuff so I ended up getting all of this

Luckily I had a 20% off your total purchase, even sale items, yes. I love all designer cupcake liners, too cute, zebra? pink leopard? come on how could I not get them. My goal is to bake something new every week, I'm planning on tackling an elaborate 3 tier wedding cake soon too. Who knows maybe I'll end up opening Randi's Cakerey someday.

Speaking of cake, I stopped by Uncle Barry's to see his new house furnished and gave him this

Rootbeer cake, with frosting just like rootbeer foam, perfect for summer. I know it's not pretty or fancy because it was my first time making it but it turned out so good. I used a bottle and a half of frosty IBC rootbeer in the cake and frosting. Next time I'll do fancy cupcakes and add one of these to the top of each

Shawn got his first bath on his own in the real tub tonight and loved it....

Have you seen a baby with more amazing eyes? I know I'm biased. He tried to stand up during the bath twice, trying to show off that he can almost walk and carry toys in his mouth, he's my wildman.

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