Monday, July 26, 2010

Accidents Happen

So if your wondering how the potty training is going, weve had a few bumps in the road. Overall though he's getting it! There alot of Stickers on his chart.

Yes, we are in a store and that is a puddle of pee, poor kid. Leaving the house without a Pullup as a safety net is a dangerous game. I wonder how many other moms out there deal with puddles of pee or worse in the middle of shopping after you just took them to the bathroom?

These portable potty seats are the best, they can go on the toliet or fold out anywhere and they come with disposable liners and fit in your purse. As long as you don't get embarassed letting you child pee in a parking lot, the side of the road etc., its better than in the carseat right.

Such a good boy peeing in his potty outside Target.

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