Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today Kevin was off work so we took the kids to see Toy Story 3 in 3D IMAX. Blake's been wanting to go but we wanted to do a few trial runs to the free summer movies first to see if they would sit through them. They did great again Blake wore the glasses for more than half the movie (they give them kids size it's so cute) and Shawn slept through most of it. We thought it was good for a kids movie, especially Buzz Lightyear dancing in spanish mode and the peas playing in Mr. Potato heads butt.

And yes those are smooshed Junior Mints near Shawn's shoulder because I was eating them while breastfeeding and dropped a couple. It's dark in there, don't judge me.

I wonder how many other people do this to their popcorn .....

We do it at home and at the theater and Kev and the kids love it. Your just eating your popcorn and boom you get a little special chocolate treat. If the popcorn is hot the m&ms melt a little, yum.

Did I mention we brought Skippito to the movies too? Yeah, we live dangerously. We gave him a bath tonight, look how cute.

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