Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sarah's Bridal Shower

Today was Sarah's Bridal Shower and it turned out amazing! I was a little scared because I only had my mom and Kevin helping me but we got it all done. I gave out Cotton Candy Martinis as the guests arrived and then after mingling for a little we served wings from Pinchers, croissant ham and turkey sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, caprese salad, crab dip, artichoke dip and crackers, and lil smokies. Then we played games to get everyone to know each other first we did toilet paper wedding gowns each table picks a bride and designs her a dress out of TP and Sarah was the judge of who's was the best. Then we played what's in your purse, everyone got points for what they had in their purse the more unusual the more points, there was underwear which was interesting lol. Last but not least we played how well do you know Sarah, which was Trivia all about Sarah and some about Mike too. Then we had dessert which included a chocolate fountain with all sorts of goodies to dip and a butter cream cake. The last but not least we opened gifts. It was a great day, I think everyone had a good time especially the Bride to be.

I made the bar very romantic and girly with the glittered S that I made hanging on the mirror, a framed photo of the lovely couple the, word LOVE, a pretty orchid, feather hearts and a purple satin table runner. Look at all those yummy Cotton Candy Martinis!

The center of the room and the focal point of the shower had the "Love is Sweet" theme Banner overhead, a slide show of the happy couple going on the TV and the twig tree I made with hanging crystals
This is where the Bride to be opened gifts, so for some extra touches I glittered the letters I Do in purple and set a giant diamond ring with a pink bow next to it with a purple satin runner to finish the look. 

I wanted to make the bride feel special even when she was sitting in her chair so I wrapped it in a big pink and purple girly tulle bow with a glitter S that I handmade hanging down with ribbon and her hot pink Bride to be sash that I adorned with swarvoski rhinestones hanging over top. It makes me think pretty pretty princess =)

I think the centerpieces turned out pretty I had purple satin runners down the center, glittered shells, pink and purple heats and the potted flowers in the center.

For the favors I decided to do a Candy Bar. I used mostly pink and purple and or themed candy. I especially love the swirly heart lollipops in the top 3 jars. This was a great theme for this time of year because all of the Valentine's stuff is in stores which went perfect. I used boxes covered with purple table cloths to elevate the back row and added homemade labels to each jar with ribbon. Then I put 3 framed photos in Black and white of Mike and Sarah and some heart and lip confetti along the purple runners.

The candy treat bags also had homemade labels, so cute!

Yummy Cotton Candy Martinis, rimmed with grenadine and pink sugar crystals with a cherry and pink cotton candy inside the glass. The drink is made with raspberry vodka, chambord, splash of grenadine and a splash of champagne. Some of the girls were saying it was the best Martini they have ever had. I was excited because I don't drink liquor so I'm always afraid to make Martinis, not anymore.
Chocolate Fountain with brownies, Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, pink heart marshmallows, pineapples, strawberry swirl cheesecake bites, pound cake and strawberries (don't they look like roses in a vase) for dipping.
Love these photos
Toilet paper Wedding dress contest
Sarah opening her gifts

The Men

My homemade tissue paper flowers, I think they look more sophisticated than balloons.
Me and the Bride to Be!


  1. Wow what an AWESOME post!!! You did so wonderful at the event, I keep hearing compliments and people up here in Orlando have seen the pics on facebook and keep asking me what venue/event planner I used - you're AMAZING!

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