Friday, April 1, 2011

How to get Buttercream as smooth as Fondant

Today we started to make Sarah and Mike's Wedding Cake, as you know on the trial run we had some issues with getting the buttercream smooth. I assumed all I would need is a smoothing tool. But after doing some google research we found the real way. Viva paper towels. You apply the icing as normal and you can use the smoother to get out the major bumps, then you let the buttercream crust slightly 5-15 minutes. Then you get a Viva paper towel, that brand is the only one that will work because there isn't any pattern its smooth. Place the paper towel on the icing and use a fondant smoother to iron out the icing. It works, amazing! Here's a great step by step guide and they show how to do round edges as well. Buttercream as smooth as fondant We would have taken step by step photos but were in a rush with the kids and us both being in the wedding, but it all turned out great.

Here's the fondant smoother, that's your iron and you just pretend your ironing a shirt (the paper towel)

The one on the left has been smoothed with a Viva paper towel, the right hasn't, we were waiting for it to crust. It makes a big differenceAfter we finished all four tiers we measured out four dowels to insert into each layer except the top for support and put them in.

Then it was off bring the cakes at the venue and assemble the cake adding the remaining decorative details. Then Wedding rehearsal, then rehearsal dinner at DaRuma's my favorite. I wish I had a photo of transporting the cake. The wedding location is 50 minutes away, Kevin put the seats down in the back of his car we loaded all four tiers in cake containers and I got to sit back there and hold them all while he drove crazy all the way there. They made it safely.

 Interesting koi tank they have when you walk in
 Sarah surprised Mike with a Grooms Cake, a rugby cake, perfect.
The food as always was amazing, I stuffed myself.

Happy Birthday Danielle!


  1. lol. i think you meant 50 minutes away - you wrote 5. yes there should have been a pic of that, it's like those cake baker shows! and I was so pissed at the other cake, i can't believe it 'settled' like that. yours was AMAZING!!!!

  2. I love this but I have to ask - What cake leveler is that? (Try to find a good one since my Wilton one is horrid.)