Friday, March 25, 2011

Florida Everblades Hockey Game

We brought the kids to a hockey game tonight, with it starting at 7:30pm and their bedtime being at 8pm we knew we probably wouldn't make it through the whole thing. But they had a great time, they liked the music, charlie brown song, phineas & ferb intro song etc. and they got to see the little kids hockey team play during half time and now Blake wants to play. We got them all sorts of concession food, but by 9pm Blake was begging to go to bed so we headed home. The only bad part was when we just got there. An old guy sitting to left front of us (the seats directly infront of us were empty) asks if we can tell our kids not to kick the seats because it distracts him from the game. We hadn't had a chance even to get seated, it's like really? Did you never have kids? I know at one point you were one, lighten up. Atleast wait for them to misbehave before you complain.

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