Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blake's 1st Day of Preschool!!!

Today was Blake's First day of Preschool! He was on the waiting list and a spot opened up. He'll be going a couple half days a week to start and see if he likes it. He was soooo excited, me too, I can't wait to volunteer, make cupcakes, book fairs, Plays and all the Holiday stuff, so fun!

They aren't allowed to wear Croc's, and he's outgrown his Addiadas so we had a day to find him some closed toe shoes. Normally I go for something stylish, but we had to find something quick so Light up Toy Story 3 shoes did the trick. When we brought them home he was obsessed, he had to wear them all that night and as soon as he woke up this morning.....

Daddy made us all pumpkin waffles and whipped cream with cinnamon for the big day, They were soo good.

Shawn eating waffles in his Monkey Jams

Blake eating breakfast in his Lightyear Jams

All his school stuff was Toy Story, isn't his lunch box cute!

Even though he can't read, I had to write him a little note with some mini M&Ms

Blake Ready to GO!

Playing Around

Looking at my baby

Leaving for school!

Were Here! He ran straight in and started playing like he's been going forever.

I bought him a toddler sized backpack and then he saw this Buzz Lightyear one with the wings, it's huge but he had to have it.

Standing outside the school with Blake and Shawn

Blake checking out his classroom. He didn't cry or anything when we left.

Shawn wanted to go too....

He had a blast! He was so tired when we picked him up. His teachers said he did great. He said miss you Mommy, miss u when he saw me. =)

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  1. Another milestone done with flying colors - the question is...did YOU cry?