Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Homework, Cupcakes and a Daredevil

Blake had homework for school, to color the folder like his house and pictures of his likes and family inside. Ah I LOVE creative projects we may have gone a little overboard, we used lots of glitter.

I also made some Back to School Cupcakes to get Blake in the mood and brought some in for his teachers (Yes we want to be Teachers Pet)

I found this idea online. The cupcakes are funfetti and I used pretzel M&Ms instead of regular for the apples, because they are round with a green sprinkle for the stem. The chalk is a Good n Plenty and the chalkboard is a chocolate covered graham cracker.

This little Boy is crazy standing on everything.

If you are like us and have to read Goodnight Moon regularly, here's a twist Kevin came up with..

We read it in the dark having Blake point out the things in the great green room with a flashlight. He Loves it.


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  2. Your boys are so handsome!

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