Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday Chaos

So Kevin left at 9:30pm Last night to get to Toys R Us by 10pm only to find this when he pulled up.....

He defiantly was not expecting that line, it wrapped around the whole shopping center. He waited an hour to get in and another in line to pay. He got home at 1:30am, I was sleeping =)  But the good news is Santa will be putting these cuties under the tree along with some other great discounted toys.

We didn't go crazy and wake up at 4am like previous years for black friday. We got out around 9am and picked up a couple things. It wasn't as crazy as last year either. Target was our big stop but I also got these (Hal the Moose with light up ears) for the kids for only $5.00!!! The poor lady behind me, I bought the last 2. We have never bought them a Build a Bear so they loved them, I think Blake loved the house he came in as much or more.

I got this for me from Bath and Body Works. I am obsessed with these, my brothers girlfriend bought me the gingerbread one for my birthday last year and this is now my 3rd one, they look gorgeous lit up at night. It was normally $35 I got it for $17! The candles were 2 for 20 and I lit one and the whole house smells amazing these are really good candles I'm going to by more.

         We stopped for some Jets pizza, check out my little shopper

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