Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

 Here are some of our house decorations, we didn't do as many as usual because of our house being for sale but it still looked good

We put this crime scene out today

 Blake was so excited for Halloween to finally be here (me too), he was supposed to be Buzz Lightyear but he's already worn it a bunch of times and when he saw this motion activated light up skeleton mummy costume her had to have it. I went as a lady bug Blake picked it out and the skirt on it lit up. Kevin and Shawn were Vampires.

 All the grandkids on grandpas golfcart ready to go trick or treating.

                         Trick or Treat!
               Blake so excited he's running to the next house! This is the first year he really got it I was so excited for him!

 This photo is all messed up from the flash but I thought it was Halloweenish look at my eyes from the flash
 We stopped by the neighborhood party, which is fun for adults but it kind of annoys me because we have a good amount of kids in our neighborhood but most go to different neighborhoods to trick or treat because you are supposed to bring your candy to the party for one stop trick or treating, what fun is that? So when we took them door to door half of the houses were at the party. We will probably go to a big kid neighborhood next year if we are still in this house.
Here we are back at home going through the loot! The kids were in sugar high heaven!
Tomorrow I will start counting down to next Halloween =)

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