Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Charlotte's Web

          I planted impaitents mid January here are my babies    
               showing them off check out the fur crocs

           So here are the flowers today looking good....

 While feeding the other flowers I decided to plant the leftover flowers from the shower and I as I was planting the taller plants right behind were brushing the top of my head and I felt a spiderweb on the 3rd one in. So I look up and see this......
 This nasty wolfman looking spider curled up sleeping was probably brushed up against my hair a second before, it gave me the chills. Kevin planted the rest when he got home. We figured out it was nocturnal and have been checking on it as we are coming or going and started to call it Charlotte. I googled brown nocturnal spider FL last night and started freaking out because Brown Recluse Spider kept coming up which is very venomous. So Kevin and I go outside in the middle of the night holding a flashlight and starting taking pictures of it I'm basically on his back scared its going to jump and zooming in so we can figure out if thats what it is. Luckily it ended up being a tropical orb spider, harmless, just gross.

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