Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cake Tasting

Kevin and I volunteered to make Mike and Sarah's Wedding Cake and although we bake alot, I have never had the need to attempt a wedding cake. Last night Sarah and Mike came in town and wanted to do a cake tasting of different flavors. We decided to do a trial run. I don't like the way fondant tastes even though it turns out beautiful its the taste that counts for me. So we did all homemade buttercream, 4 tier, each tier a different flavor. We did the traditional vanilla/vanilla, regular buttercream/yellow cake, chocolate, and then tried different buttercreams including coffee and peanut butter flavor all homemade. The coffee I thought I would hate but it was amazing and the peanut butter too. It was all good. I kind of ran out of time because Kevin was at work and I had the 2 kids all day so I was about to cry because we couldn't find a icing smoother so the cake was all rough and and looked horrible. I told Sarah on the way over I would put in to buy a Wedding cake because I wasn't happy with it. Suprisingly when they got there she said smoothed it would be fine. I'm like ok are you crazy? I guess I am my worst critic. But it WILL be smooth for the wedding!

 I had my brother and Nikol over too so we could all have some cake and the guys could play video games while the girls glittered Easter eggs for an egg tree. After a million hours of baking I wasn't too into doing eggs so I'll post my finsihed product at a later date, I only got about half way through glittering them.

Cake Tasting! Yum!

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  1. COFFEE!!!! YUM! The cake was awesome, it was beautiful. Bakery babe in the making...