Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bass Pro Shop Easter Party/ Taste of Estero

Blake and Shawn saw the Easter bunny today at Bass Pro Shop, they give you a photo free and they had crafts and an Easter egg hunt. The egg were hidden in the clothes through out the store which was a little weird, all the kids were messing up all the folded clothes and hanging racks. Someone didn't think that through.

 The boys checking out the giant fish tank suddenly get sandwiched by two college kids, nice socks.
 That fish was huge, I don't think Blake could believe it

 Easter crafts
 Shawn kept staring and pointing at the taxidermy birds hanging from the ceiling
 Wearing stickers, Blake holding Shawn's arm too cute.

 After Bass we went to the Taste of Estero, which was ok but sooo hot, so I decided just to let the kids do the bounce houses and then go home. Blake looked around, saw the 103.9 van, blue and green that looked like the scooby doo van and this alien laser tag thing and got all excited thinking he was at a summer Halloween party. He insisted on doing laser tag to "shoot monsters". I tried to explain he was too young but he wasn't having it. They let him in and all the older kids helped show him what to do, he loved it.

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