Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mike and Sarah's Wedding Day!!!!!!!

The Wedding was amazing, the wedding party went in a trolley to and from Pelican Preserve (where they were married), the ceremony took place outside just before dark in front of just under 100 of their closest family and friends and the weather was perfect. Sarah looked beautiful. I didn't take that many photos because they had 2 photographers but here's a few.
The Ceremony

Here's a picture of the cake that she wanted me to copy except to add the rugby topper
               Here's their Wedding cake we made

 Bridesmaid and Groomsman
I loved the light patterns on the wall, very pretty. I loved all the wedding decorations.
 Crazy photo booth pictures, you got to keep the photos and the Bride and Groom got one in a scrapbook and everyone signed their picture. Kevin was trying to be funny but ended up spilling my drink on my dress, lol.
Me and Diane, bridesmaids, Sarah's besties.

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