Saturday, July 10, 2010

Healthy Summer Meals

I am not one to diet, I 'd rather run it off but lately I have a few light summery favorites that classify as "diet food" including this ...

Kevin and I eat these salads a few times a week, they taste like you're eating something really bad for you like Taco Bell tacos. But the calories are right on the front and you get cheese, tortilla chips, corn, and taco chicken meat with Southwest dressing, so good. The best part is I have energy after instead of feeling like I need a nap.

We found this Peach Salmon recipe gem last summer and now its a summertime staple.
The rice is a publix recipe with whole grain rice, vegggies, garlic, and a little cheese.

These are Summery, but not healthy. Chocolate Butterfly Cupcakes with buttercream frosting and chocolate butterflies.

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  1. MMMMM...everything was so good. The smell of fresh herbs in a kitchen is awesome.