Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ice Cream Party and Eclipse

We headed to a ice cream party playdate around 10 am, ice cream in the morning you know Blake was psyched. Then I took my mom to Super Target for some girl chat and a Starbucks

Poor Shawn didn't get any.

This evening I went and saw what everyone's been talking about.....

I went with my friend Paige who hasn't seen any of them, Iv'e seen the others but think the books are way better. I know all my friends who are diehard fans would be mad at me for saying this but first of all I though this movie could have been atleast a half hour shorter. Second what was with all "The Hills" long pause stare off into space moments. Third Edward doesn't do it for me and Taylor is good looking but has the voice of Steve Urkel and gives off the nerd vibe big time. What made the movie interesting was a couple of funny parts like the tent scene and this guy.....

His name is Kellan Lutz AKA Emmet Cullen.
All in all the movie wasn't terrible, and we ate at California Pizza Kitchen (really good) and I got popcorn =). Most of all it was just fun to have a girls night.

One of my little boys before I left

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