Friday, July 9, 2010

Blake and his Tooth

During lunch Blake climbed underneath the table into the chair closest to the intercom sytem and turned it on and started dancing. Then he disappered into his room and came back with the microphone and started singing and dancing. Shawn course has to copy him and starts dancing too. Later I went to a store to try on clothes I am in desperate need since having the kids. I always regret taking the 2 of them by myself to try stuff on, it never ends well. It got to the point where they were both crying and was was chasing them half naked in and out of my dressing room and I looked at them and say in a whiny crying voice "my life is horrible I'm in a store crying about nothing boo hoo" and they both look at me like I'm crazy and start laughing. After Kevin got off work we ran, then went to publix and Blake was playing with all the food in the cart calling the limes lions. Overall it was a uneventful ordinary day until bathtime and this happened.....

Yes, that is a chip in his front tooth. I knelt down infront of the bath filling it with water, he was in the tub facing me on his knees and slipped and his tooth hit the side of the tub towards me. (Our tub walls go up really high because it's jetted) It all happened in a split second.
How is it that my kids manage to hurt themselves when I am staring right at them inches away? I felt sick to my stomach when I saw his tooth. He cried a little, I think more scared of my reaction, then went on with his bath and we all played play-doh and read SkippyJon before bed. So we will be headed to the dentist on Kevin's day off, ugh.

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  1. That is the scariest thing to see happen. Brittany did that to the back of her head in a stand up shower long ago and the results were not so pretty. Staples to the back of the head. YIKES! Glad he's ok.