Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summertime Sunset Swim

After dinner we had a sunset swim in our pool, Blake is obsessesd with swimming, he can swim on his own wearing his Puddle Jumper float. I really recommend it if you have a toddler, especially if your like me and you have more than one and you want to take them to the beach or pool on your own. You can buy them at Target of course. I know what your thinking you let Blake swim naked aren't you worried about poop, don't worry he went right before, I'm not crazy. We played Marco Polo, made some huge cannon balls, and Blake pretended he was a Sea Horse, then a Shark, it was a good time.

Have you tried these? We went to publix to get dinner and apparently everyone has now discovered PF Chang's Frozen meals because they were completely sold out. They are really good, bummer.

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