Saturday, December 25, 2010


Good Morning it's Christmas!

Blake playing with his Sponge bob Krabby Patty Kitchen and he got a matching cash register. They stopped making them years ago Santa must have checked Ebay?


Shawn clutching his new Christmas Mickey

Shawn's Pop on pals

The chaos

The only bad part of Christmas undoing tons of toy packaging

        I made us all chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream, yum!

Blake playing with his new Scooby Doo Haunted house and Shawny playing with his fake aquarium

Shawn got more mickey toys in his stocking

Stocking candy

Christmas Furbabies

We headed to my parents for lunch and more gift exchanging

Grandma and Grandpa got Blake a Leapster Explorer, he plays it every time we are in Target.

Shawn standing on his ride on trying to break out of the gate

Both boys wear santa suits every year

Shawn on his new Mickey Ride on

Kevin got a deep fryer, time to make some wings!

Blake being silly

We had such a busy day they didn't get to see the car santa bought them until we got home tonight. We let them drive it around in the dark anyway.

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  1. Love that Krabby Kitchen & we have bought our baby bird the for Weebles musical tree house Christmas, hes loves it too! Glad you had a great holiday, have an awesome weekend!