Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Tree O Finally!

 We went tree shopping today. We usually go right after Thanksgiving and put all the decorations out right after Halloween but with the whole selling the house situation we waited. Going to get it definatly not as quick and easy as I expected. We tried Fort Myers instead of Naples since we plan on moving to Estero which is closer to Ft. Myers and the first place we went wanted double what we paid last year for a smaller tree. Luckily we found a small church lot with a really nice guy who greeted us all with candy canes and gave us a great price. The only negative was that he was by himself and didnt wrap the tree and it almost didn't make it home.

Blake loves playing hide and seek in tree tents

Me and the kiddos in the Christmas spirit

Ok we got it up the stairs and in the door, lol

It is a family tradition to watch Christmas Vacation (our favorite) while putting up the the tree, Blake was into it.

I love this picture, Kevin is struggling to get the tree level, Blake is laying next to him talking and trying to help and Shawn is playing with ornaments.

Blake could not stand for us to wait another minute to decorate the tree I hadn't even vacummed or put the skirt on before he had to put on his first ornament.

Shawny and I decorating the tree, the same stance

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