Monday, December 13, 2010

Shaving and Library Gingerbread houses

 Blake got a haircut today while he watched Charlie Brown's Christmas for the first time and now he loves all things Snoopy. After he wanted to "Shave" in the shower with the new Toys Story shaving set Aunt Sarah and Uncle Mike (not his real Aunt/Uncle but act like them) bought him.
 Tonight was Gingerbread houses at the library, the Naples Orange Blossom location. Signing up for things at this location is crazy you have to call at 9 am on a certain date before hand and get a busy signal for like a half hour before you get through and if you don't your on a forever waiting list and everything is always booked. Pretty insane for a milk carton gingerbread house. But he had fun and it reminded me of making them in Girl Scouts. He was eating a LOT of the candy even though the librarian said not to.

After we looked at lights again in Victoria Park (the crazy Christmas neighborhood)
and then went to Mangino's for a meatball loaf to share, they are huge and so good.

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