Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bridal Shower Invitations

I am hosting my friend Sarah's Bridal shower in January and needed to get the invitations out. She gave me free rein to do what I want for basically all of it. It was hard to decide what to do because she met her fiance Mike through rugby and I know nothing about that and I didn't want to copy her wedding style either. I decided to go with colors that reminded me of hanging out in college and style that I would love -girly rhinestone glitter with romance. So the theme is "Love is Sweet" so there will be lots of delicious sweet things to eat.

I went to pick out some invitations and they were all pretty generic everywhere I went. So i decided to make my own. As Kevin says I always overdo it. For the information part of the invitation I wanted to add one of those cartoon Brides that you see on custom order invitations. I came across this awesome program on the knot website where you can design your inner bride. I mean everything eye shape, hair, earrings, dress, background, jewelry, etc. And of course as one of her bridesmaids I know exactly how she was planning to look on her wedding day. 
I think this looks just like her. Try it out for yourself here 
Besides that I added a pretty purple floral purple pattern to inside of pink envelopes so they looked custom. Used purple and pink paper with specialty scissors to add a pretty border. I added glitter cupcakes and Hearts as details using Martha Stewart hole punches. Embellished with pink and purple rhinestones. And pulled it together with a floral sleeve that matched the inside of the envelope (which was just made out of scrapbooking sheets cut up). Then tied it with a pretty purple bow and finished. The adresses were done in pretty swirly calligraphy and the back sealed with a gold wax heart to add romance. Of course I had to work in my purple snuggie it was freezing even with the heat on.

Front and Back

The Back

Gold wax heart embossing on the back of each envelope

Aren't they pretty!


  1. They are gorgeous! My husband always tells me I go over board too. I tell him that parties are in the details, so just deal. :) I also tell him when I expect him to help me with all the details then he can complain.

    Stopping by from The Hickman Four. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  2. WOO HOO! These turned out so great. It was such a surprise to see and then as you looked at it harder you realized ALL the details. Everyone I talked to was so impressed and is so excited to come to the shower. ME TOO!!!! Thanks Randi!