Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lakes Park Christmas Train Ride

Today we took the kids to Lakes Park, the same park that had the great pumpkin patch. Some of the stuff wasn't up because it rained all day but we got to ride the train and see all the awesome lights and decorations. I love it maybe we will even go again before Christmas. I wish I could have a picture of the tunnel of lights it is amazing. Side note, Blake was so excited that he had to go pee but held it because he wanted to play on the playground so we had to pull over in the neighborhood and I had to help him pee on the side of the road because he couldn't hold it anymore. I bet the neighbors loved that.
We bring our own hot chocolate EVERYWHERE, with special cups and marshmallows (trees, snowmen and stars) Blake loves it.

Besides that I also made a roast, it was really good. I LOVE the aprons meals by Publix. You can try a sample first, they give you a recipe card and all the ingredients are right there for you to grab.

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