Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pink Eye, Lottery Tickets and a Chritsmas Book

Today Blake got Pink Eye. This was my 1st encounter with it and yes very very gross. TMI: It's kind of scary that green mucus can come out of your eye. The worst is when you find out and then your eye starts itching out of paranoia. I've been using paper towels to rub my eyes every few minutes. The germophobe in me is really coming out today. 
Once or twice a year I get into buying scratch off lottery tickets, Kevin will bring me one home or they'll have themes, like now with Christmas. As I've said in a Halloween post I make Blake holiday books to carry around with him with all sorts of pictures etc. I started a Christmas one and his favorite thing lately is to scratch off the areas on the lotto ticket I missed and put the tickets in his book. The only problem is if you get a winner he wants the ticket as usual and that starts a crying fit. Now when we check out at Publix too hey says do you need a lottery ticket? Here he is with his scratch off and book, Pink Eye and all.

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